Chapter 71

Chapter 71

1. Total sexual abstinence is not seen as a healthy practice among men or women, in fact, such a practice is viewed as quite unhealthy.

2. A healthy relationship between two partners should never be based solely on sex, for such a relationship will eventually succumb to disappointment, stress and separation.

3. When two loving partners engage in sexual activity in the privacy of their own home, it is not the business of the Elders or others, unless one of the partners is being abused against her or his will.

4. Sexual activity should never be promiscuous, for promiscuity affects so many different levels that it can not be reversed through human efforts.

5. Sexual activity between adults and children, including those who are mentally vulnerable, is not only highly inappropriate but also sinful and deserving of severe punishment in the afterlife.

6. If an adherent of the Religion of Light becomes aware of sexual activity between an adult and a child, or between an adult and a person who is mentally vulnerable, it is the duty of that adherent to report such knowledge to the Elders and to the civil authorities. Sexual sins of this nature can not be hidden away.

7. Sexual predators must be exposed to the congregation, expelled from the fellowship of Light, and reported to the civil authorities.

8. Sexual activities between humans and animals is sinful and those who are guilty of such sinful acts must be expelled from the fellowship of Light if such ones do not indicate genuine repentance.