Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Bad Association
1. Draw close to those who are of like faith – for they are your true brothers and sisters and your true mothers and fathers.

2. Do not permit yourself to become entangled in the world through bad association with those who do not appreciate the Light.

3. The evil one will use your family and friends to draw you away from Jehovih, but whatever you do, remain strong in your faith and service in the Light.

4. If those around you are controlling your life and emotions in a negative way, detracting from your service to the Ever-Present Creator, it may be time to remove yourself from such ones.

5. There is no truth in the world. It is not your true home. There is no light that can be generated from the darkness.

6. Never associate with those who would rather defame the Name of the Father of Greatness or any of the other Divine Messengers than hear even one good word of truth.