Chapter 69

Chapter 69

Priority of Current Revelations
1. While the Creator is unchanging, He provides a ray of His Light in a manifestation for the need of the moment.

2. He continues to offer the opportunity for humanity to take in knowledge that was not manifested in earlier times.

3. Relying on a previous revelation without regard to what He teaches in each generation afterwards is not befitting of a soul which desires to develop in the Way of Jehovih the Father.

4. The seed of Truth planted within your heart, by the Father, is intended to grow and develop into a great tree; but if it is not nourished with fresh water, it can become deformed and eventually wither and die.

5. If the Truth provided to you is properly cultivated within your heart, wisdom, spiritual strength and faith will increase and become brighter each day – for this is the nature of the Truth and Revelation – it is progressive, it is gradual.