Chapter 67

Chapter 67

Religions of the World
1 What was once a religion of unity in worship of one God, Hinduism has become a house of demons with its idolatry.

2 Abraham has abandoned those from among Judaism who continue to worship the idols of their Kabbalistic teachings and those who reject the Torah as the true source of the sacred traditions for Israel.

3 When the Jewish people abandon the Torah given to them through Moses, they divorce themselves from the One they refer to as Adonai.

4 The religious system founded by the Divine Messenger Zarathustra, commonly known as Zarathrustrianism, is no longer practised within the same truths that were revealed to him for that particular period of time.

5 In the earliest days of the Manichaean Church, many Manichaeans were oppressed, tortured and murdered by those who claimed to follow the teachings of Zarathustra.

6 Such ones brought great shame upon the one whom they claim to be their founder. They abandoned the Truth and the Light.

7 Such ones have replaced Good Thought with Angra Mainyu.*
*(evil thought, Ahriman, the evil one)

8 The Divine Messenger Zarathustra is disappointed with all those who use his name claiming they follow his teachings; rather he has said that they have abandoned the Wise Lord and the Good Religion.

9 Gautama Buddha was one of the Divine Messengers appointed by the Great Father.

10 The Divine Messenger Gautama never denied the existence of Jehovih, but rather he taught that one should abandon human concepts of God, misconceptions, preconceptions and misguided thoughts concerning divine matters and that salvation did not come from such misguided thoughts.

11 Christianity is divided against itself; it consists of a countless number of sectarian groups that no longer resembles the original movement that was devoted to works of righteousness, the Law of Israel and the people of Truth.

12 Christ (Joshu) was not the founder of the Christian religion, rather this was a movement that broke away from the work of the Apostle Paul in the first century of the common era.

13 Some Christians claim that Christ Himself was a Christian but such claims are a blatant denial of the facts of history since the Christian Church was not established until after his ascension to the heavens.

14 Neither is the Religion of Light an offshoot of Judaism nor is it a branch of Christianity.

15 The Religion of Light is opposed to the false teachings of any religious institute, church, movement or community that rejects the holy angels of the Father who sits above the heavens.

Orthodox Christian Church
16 The Eastern Orthodox Church, one of the larger sectarian groups of Christianity, has failed in the land of Russia.

17 Despite the Eastern Orthodox Church’s claims to be a religion of love, it has been active in the oppression of the People of Light through its involvement with the policies of secular government.

18 Like many other Christian sects, the Eastern Orthodox Church is guilty of oppressing and actively persecuting the innocent who identify with the gay and lesbian community. Such actions on the part of that sectarian religious group are contrary to the teaching of Christ.

Roman Catholic Church
19 Arrogance is a fitting term when describing the Roman Catholic Church and the manner in which it treats not only the innocent of the world but those of its own people as well.

20 The Roman Catholic Church has been responsible for the deaths of countless innocent ones throughout the ages. Bloodstains are on the hands of that religious group.

21 The Apostle Peter was not the founder of the Roman Catholic Church, as he went to Babylon to preach to the lost sheep of Israel as he was instructed by the Divine Messenger Joshu.

22 The evils committed by leaders within the Roman Catholic Church upon innocent children – as appalling as such atrocities are – has actually helped to expose the vile thoughts of such leadership to the world.

23 Their deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and popes are not innocent in these matters.

24 Anyone who remains in their house of darkness will receive their reward in eternal darkness; I know those who belong to Jehovih, and they shall be called out of the darkness in the final days.

25 Islam* itself is a house of death, destruction and violence.
*(See chapter 94)

26 Islam, claimed by some to be a religion of peace, is one of the most violent ideologies in existence; it is an ideology that breeds murder and rape.

27 Islam is guilty of the murder of millions of innocent people throughout the world.

28 Abraham is appalled at the activities of darkness which are so prevalent within Islam and has said that those who continue practising its falsehood are doomed to the lowest realms of hell where wild dogs snap at their hands and at their faces like the hungry and unsatisfied demons in which they serve.

Protestant Christianity
29 Protestant Christianity is a child of the Roman Catholic Church and no amount of reforming, without guidance of the Living Spirit, in humility and honesty, will bring it to salvation.

30 Those who continue to be involved with Protestant Christianity, such groups that include Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, the so-called Messianic, and those who call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the entire lot of them, will find themselves at a dead-end road in the bottom of hell if they do not repent and turn around and begin walking the Path of Light.

New Age Beliefs
31 The religious groups calling themselves new age who worship imaginary beings and the pagans who worship false deities are far from the Light of Jehovih and as such, their fate is an eternity in the darkness.

Business as Religion
32 Even some corporate giants have become cults where their employees have become disciples who sing their praises, seeking after treasures of gold instead of treasures of life from the Creator.

Hope for the People of Faith Around the World
33 Is everyone who is within various false religious groups condemned to the darkness? Not at all!

34 There are many innocent souls who remain in such false religious groups, not by their choice but because of being trapped by family members or spouses and other reasons beyond their control.

35 Many innocent women and children are trapped in Islam and continue to suffer atrocities at the hands of evil husbands and fathers.

36 These innocent ones still have the opportunity to gain life through the Divine Messengers.

37 The Living Spirit is well aware of those who belong to Jehovih and as such, these souls will not be condemned.

38 If Hindus will abandon their worship of many deities and their caste system, and accept the Banner of Light they will have life.

39 If Jews will abandon their idolatrous teachings and take up their pure heritage of the Torah Covenant, they will have life.

40 If Christians will abandon their heresies and preoccupation with judging the world, and take up the Teaching of the Apostles, they will have life.

41 If Muslims will abandon their violent ways and heresies, and take up the Shield of Abraham*, they will have the opportunity of life.
*(See chapter 94)

42 Remove yourselves, O people of the world, from all these religions of the world that do not give proper worship to Jehovih and honour to the Living Spirit.

43 No religion of the world can serve as a light unto the nations without guidance from the Living Spirit.

44 I have sent some missionaries among the Catholics, among the Baptists, Methodists, and others to serve as a light to the lost sheep of Joshu, and they will hear the voice of the Shepherd and they shall look up and see his face, and at that time, they shall come forward into the Light.

Jehovih’s Faithists Avoid Religious Services of Non-Covenanting Religions
44 Everyone has the opportunity to learn righteousness and to seek the Light after the shedding of the physical body, including Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Muslims and others.

45 This does not indicate that the accomplishments and good works of a person can not be celebrated.

46 However, we would not wish to celebrate an event commemorating a person’s entry into an institute of the darkness.

47 Faithists would want to avoid such things as baptisms, religious appointments, religious classes, or any celebrations commemorating these things and so on.

48 It would be best if any Faithist, however, refrained from attending such observances of non-covenanting religions.

49 We think of this under the guidelines of “clean and unclean.” For example, these types of observances are considered by the faithful as unclean when they are associated with a religious group that is bereft of a true covenant with Jehovih.