Chapter 66

Chapter 66

1. If a disciple struggles with a certain vice in his life, for example, greed, he is allowing matter to take more control.

2. If he has not taken care of the issue before his death, it is quite possible that he is reborn to try again if it is Jehovih’s Will for him to do so.

3. Otherwise he will receive his stripes in the afterlife instead of being reincarnated.

4. If he is reborn in the earth and still has trouble with this vice, again and again he struggles with this – and the more he does not allow the Light to take more control, the deeper he falls into the darkness.

5. Struggling in the world of matter is like quicksand.

6. Someone can stand on the edge lending a hand or rope, but if the person keeps moving around, the quicker he sinks in the quicksand.

7. A person’s religion has no bearing on whether or not they are reborn into the earth.

8. But this being reborn is not a form of punishment.

9. It is for the benefit of the soul – especially for those souls who have trouble accepting the truth in the afterlife.

10. This is compassion on the part of Jehovih.

11. However, they do not return as plant life. Some return as spirits, while others are reborn into a body of flesh.

12. And it is not all persons who go through this process.