Chapter 64

Chapter 64

1. If you, as a Faithist, are the citizen of a country or land that adheres to a political system that has the potential of causing harm to other living beings, denigrates human rights or forces the citizens of the land to follow foolish dictates or to pay unnecessary taxes and levies and is wasteful with the funds of the citizens, you have every right to speak up against such a system.

2. In your protest against violations of human rights and decency, do so by peaceful means.

3. A Faithist should be aware of the political ideals being promoted in the country in which he or she resides. Otherwise one may find one’s self-neglecting the duties of defending one’s own rights and those of others.

4. Having a general knowledge of the laws of the land can also assist in effectively sharing the Message of Light with others, especially when certain ordinances are enacted in various cities or villages that would prevent or limit the Religion of Light from being spread in one’s local area.

5. Having knowledge of a political system and standing up for the rights of the citizens of a land does not mean that one should overly involve one’s self with the political process.

6. One can champion basic human rights and be a light for equality without running for a political office.

7. Faithists champion for the rights of all living beings – for women’s rights, children’s rights, and all individuals, including the rights of the unborn.

8. If you are going to be a voice for the rights of others, you should have some knowledge of the political system of the land in which you reside.

9. You should have knowledge of those who are for and against such rights and have an understanding of policies being pushed by certain political leaders – whether they are for or against such rights.

10. It is not improper for Faithists to call out and expose those who are infringing on the rights of others, especially when calling out such individuals by peaceful means.

11. No political party can bring the plan of Jehovih to fruition. Only the Great Spirit has the full and perfect solution for the happiness of all mankind.

12. If you vote for a political party that condones the practice of abortion, then the blood of the innocent is on your hands.