Chapter 6

Chapter 6

1. Denial of the existence of the Creator is the illusory propaganda of the ignorant.

2. Intellectualism and human science have nothing to do with faith when an Intelligent Creator is not part of the equation or your outlook on life.

3. If the Creator is not a part of your outlook on life, then you have no life.

4. May all beings have an outlook of enlightened life to come, never separated from supreme joy beyond comparison.

5. Vain philosophers attempt to avoid the Almighty by creating their own philosophies focused instead on materialism.

6. Perceptions are illusions. Man’s notion of “no God” is a false perception. Such notions are nothing more than illusions.

7. If you deny the existence of Jehovih based on the assumptions of others, you are giving in to unfounded fear and illusion.

8. Giving in to fear is equivalent to a strong man who refuses to pick up even a small stone in fear of what lies beneath it.

9. Some people deny the existence of the One Creator God based on illusions of what that God should be according to them.

10. Others deny the Creator based on the fact that there is so much evil and suffering in humankind, asking, “Why would a God do this?”

11. Jehovih does not bring evil into the world; a man who denies the Almighty creates evil and makes suffering through wrongful desire.

12. Wrongful desire is the illusion based on the false assumption in which you crave, eventually leading to suffering.

13. Some are addicted to their assumption that “there is no god”.

14. Many who deny the existence of the Creator base their assumptions on the Creator being wrathful and vengeful, which is an illusion in itself.

15. If a man continues living in his illusions, rejecting the Creator, one day when Jehovih denies him, that one will find out how real the Creator is.

16. Believing in “no God” is an illusion some have created from their own interpretations of what they perceive to be reality.

17. Some people deny the existence of an Intelligent Designer because of their arrogance and pride.

18. Arrogance is a sign of weakness and is an illusion some people use to compensate for what they lack in their brain.

19. Arrogance for some has become their own god created by their mind, ruling over a small world full of illusion and falsehood.