Chapter 53

Chapter 53

1. Reality is not found in striving for a pocket full of money. Strive for the Light of Jehovih and you will find reality.

2. When a person washes the windows of his eyes from the filth of materialism, he is able to begin seeing reality.

3. Like the falling leaves of Autumn, all material things are impermanent and one day fall by the wayside. Only the Light and the Spirit are eternal.

4. Do not be concerned with material things of the world – they soon pass away; your greatest treasure is in the Kingdom of Light which is for eternity.

5. You can take nothing with you in death, but the Living Spirit remembers your faithful service and promises to reward you accordingly.

6. He who makes his living seeking gold from the mountain is never satisfied; better is it to have only one silver coin in your hand than ten thousand gold coins in your house.

7. My sons and my daughters honour the Great Father with the plain teaching, for there is greater honour in simplicity than in pride — greater faith in walking in the plain life as brethren of the Light, than walking in prideful clothing as children of the darkness.