Chapter 52

Chapter 52

1. The primary focus of every real Faithist is the liberation of all souls from the darkness.

2. By the grace of Jehovih every man, woman and child can come to understand the revelation given to His people.

3. Faithism is alive and Jehovih’s Faithists are full of joy in their service to the Creator and their fellow man.

4. Faithism does not judge according to your past indiscretions, rather it is open to all those who seek the Light of Jehovih.

5. Do not think that the Religion of Light places one race of humans above others. Faithism teaches the equality of all races and nationalities.

6. The real Faithist is one who speaks with gentleness and compassion and is filled with great joy to impart glimmering Gems of Truth to seekers.

7. When you become one of Jehovih’s Faithists, you are converting to the Religion of Light, not to an authoritarian organisation or new religious movement. Faithism belongs to Jehovih and not to an organisation.

8. Faithism, while it teaches that it is true faith, does not say that it is the only path to Jehovih, for there have been Divine Messengers who appeared in various eras of the existence of humanity and have taught the Truth to many peoples and many souls have become awakened.

9. Do not be fooled, my children – there are many false religions that do not have the Divine Presence within them and they only exist by the power of the evil one, thus you shall understand that not all paths are paths of Light.

10. If you wish to learn about Faithism, ask those who believe it and observe its practices rather than solely relying on the writings and sayings of non-Faithists, or those who claim to practice it, but their works prove otherwise.

11. Faithism is a real, living faith practised by men and women in modern times, and is reflective of its ancient origins.

12. Faithism has helped countless people understand the origin and purpose of life.

13. Jehovih’s Faithists do not support organisations or patronise businesses that are against equal rights.

14. Real Faithists believe all races, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations are equally deserving of respect.

15. Faithists support the peaceful protest of institutes and businesses that do not respect equality and justice.

16. Jehovih’s Faithists seek only to present the pristine revelation of the Great Father to humanity.

17. A man or a woman can find peace, love and stability when he or she embraces and faithfully practises Faithism as it is being revealed to the world today.