Chapter 51

Chapter 51

Various Divine Messengers
1. Moses, Joshu, Zarathustra and many others were appointed as Divine Messengers and the presence of the Living Spirit was within them in ancient times and nothing has changed in regards to this matter even to this day.

2. Their teachings, the Teachings of Light, consist of the Way of Truth and Life and leads the soul safely to its journey home to the Gardens of Light.

3. The words of the Messengers must be adhered to faithfully. They were given full authority placed upon them by Jehovih Himself to fulfil all things righteous.

4. The words of the Divine Messengers are the same words of Jehovih.

5. All the Divine Messengers are one and the same. When one speaks, they all speak.

6. The Divine Messengers speak the mind of Jehovih and are thus referred to as the Voice of Jehovih.

7. When you are speaking to one of the Divine Messengers, you are speaking to all of them.

8. The Divine Messengers are always with you.

9. The Messengers hear your prayers and they present those prayers before the Great Throne of Jehovih.