Chapter 50

Chapter 50

1. If you learn only one thing in your life, let that one thing be loving-kindness.

2. Develop a heart of compassion, grace and loving-kindness for all souls and you will begin to find true happiness and peace.

3. May each of you spread loving-kindness to all living beings without bias.

4. Spread loving-kindness to everyone.

5. Share the loving-kindness of the holy angels of Jehovih with all souls.

6. Every believer is responsible for sharing the Message of Light with others regardless of the seeker’s race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation.

7. Kindness is an outward expression of an awakened mind.

8. Kindness should always be viewed as an obligation.

9. Like a mirror that reflects the sun upon the wall, reflect on everyone the kindness others show you.

10. Share loving kindness with others as freely as the snows fall upon the highest mountain tops.