Chapter 5

Chapter 5

1. A person can begin walking in purity and in truth by awakening and having no attachments to this world.

2. Attachments to the things of the world are like chains that will bind you to an eternity of darkness.

3. When you can not abandon attachments, you are like an anchor that has fallen from its connection to a great ship and has sunk to the bottom of the deep ocean and been forgotten by the shipmaster.

4. You see, my precious children, the ship that I speak of is the Ship of Life which is the Religion of Light that is able to bring salvation to all humanity.

5. The deep ocean is the world that entices humanity to all sorts of evils and is full of darkness.

6. The shipmaster is the Living Spirit who comes to ferry you to the Other Shore where there are Gardens of Light and where no darkness – not even a shadow – can be found.