Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Light, Truth, Message of Light
1. Following the One Light, all things become clear.

2. Mob mentality is not a quality of a teacher of the Message of Light; instead, such mentality originates with the evil one.

3. The use of vulgar and highly offensive language is never necessary when sharing the Truth of the Message of Light with others.

4. Always be gentle in your approach to others, always using the Words of Truth in everything you say.

5. There is no such thing as alternative service; any form of sharing the Message of Light is full service on behalf of humanity.

6. The world will be enveloped – soon – by the darkness, and the only glimmer of the Holy Light that remains will be among those who are still sharing the Good Message with others – that, my children, is the only hope of humanity – for it is that same Message that points humanity to the Kingdom of Light.