Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Joshu (The Historical Jesus)
1. If you believe in Joshu and the teachings which he brought to ancient Israel, you shall pass beyond death and come to life. Joshu taught the Ten Commandments and these same Commandments are incumbent upon Jehovih’s Faithists.

2. The Divine Messengers have come in many different eras and places in the world, one of them being named Joshu.

3. Joshu is the name of one of the Divine Messengers who appeared in the land of Israel.

4. His appearance was in the veil of a human shell, but he was a spiritual being.

5. Joshu who appeared in Judea was a spirit being who had been present during the time of the Israelites crossing over the sea in their escape from one of the evil pharaohs of Egypt.

6. In earlier times Joshu was known as Yehoshua* and was known in Akhetaten** as Tutankhaten. The name of his father was Akhenaten.
**(the city of Aten, Amarna)

7. The very name of Joshu means salvation.

8. While the name Joshu is used in the Oahspe Bible to refer to the historical figure of first-century Judea, it really is only a matter of translation; the term Jesus is appropriate in any Western form of the Religion of Light.

9. For some, requiring strict adherence to certain terms and phrases can cause a language barrier and they can easily lose their focus on the more important goal of Faithism in their specific culture.