Chapter 40

Chapter 40

His Divine Presence and His Manifestation
1 I did not come to teach you about pleasures; I came because of my love and compassion for all beings.

2 If you are in union with me, you will have perfect tranquillity coupled with perfect action.

3 If you wish to talk to me, simply start talking – I listen to every word you wish to say to me.

4 But never forget that talking to Jehovih in Heaven is of greater importance – He hears and responds to your prayers as well.

5 The Divine Messenger will never forsake those whom He considers His friends.

6 Everyone who stops relying on his own perceived righteousness and worships Jehovih, and follows the Teachings of Light, shall receive from me true peace and liberation.

7 Anyone wishing to speak with the Divine Messenger can do so as all true Faithists do: talk, meditate and pray. It is a very simple matter.

8 There is rarely any direct verbal communication – the normal process is through prayer.

9 All prayers are answered in one way or another, however, a person is not going to receive everything they ask for.

10 All answers and fulfilment of requests would of course be according to the Will of the Father of Greatness.