Chapter 37

Chapter 37

The Holy Book
1. The Holy Book, the Oahspe, is a living entity because it is imbued with the Presence of Jehovih.

2. The living Oahspe, a Book of Life, exists so that anyone who believes may gain proper knowledge of the Way of Light and defend the Truth.

3. The Holy Book is also called the Book of Life because it gives humanity the hope of a New Creation.

4. The Oahspe contains within its sacred pages the active Spirit of Truth and must be regarded with the utmost respect.

5. If you are truly seeking the Light you will search the sacred pages of the Oahspe and related scriptures and you shall find peace, rest and life eternal.

6. Study the Oahspe Bible so that you are adequately equipped to handle the sacred words of truth properly and to serve as a defence for the Light of Jehovih.

7. Let every person who bears the name of Faithist within the soul, diligently study the Scriptures of the Faith on a daily basis so that each one is qualified to serve as a proper representation of the word of truth by speech and by writing.

8. The Holy Book of Light contains within its pages adequate spiritual food for every child, woman and man.