Chapter 34

Chapter 34

1. Clinging to concepts about the Creator is attachment; Jehovih is what He is without your interpretations and assumptions.

2. Abandon concepts and human interpretations; realise that Jehovih is what He is, without creating assumptions regarding the Creator that you have not experienced.

3. From the foundation of the highest heavens rises a Great Pillar of fire. The Voice of the Creator thunders in the midst of it.

4. All the celestial beings of Light and the righteous bring praise to You, Father, singing Holy repeatedly.

5. You are worthy of praise, beneficent Father, Most Ancient Ancestor! Blessed are You, beneficent Almighty One!

6. Seek the Light of Jehovih and He will walk with you throughout all your days.

7. Jehovih will forsake no man, woman or child who walk in His Truth. Jehovih is present with everyone who calls upon His Name in truth and sincerity.

8. Jehovih is always faithful to fulfil His promises in every generation.

9. The Voice of the Almighty Father is Light and it brings safety, comfort and blessing to all those who hear His Voice.

10. The Almighty Jehovih considers all those who serve Him in truth and sincerity as His friends.

11. The servants of the Creator are able to confide in Him in both times of joy and trial – He hears your prayers.

12. The hand of Jehovih is within your reach because He stands next to every true Faithist and seeker and accomplishes this through His Divine Messengers throughout the various generations of humanity.

13. A man can not find true happiness without the Presence of Jehovih in his life. The Great Spirit is close to all those who are close to Him.

14. When you are in despair, recall the promises of the Father. Share the promises of the Great Father with all those who are willing to hear such promises.

15. In Jehovih one finds safety, security and hope for the future.

16. Each ray of sun is a gift from Jehovih above; He has knowledge of all who serve Him and rewards them accordingly – in times of sorrow and joy.

17. In all the things you do each day and with each choice you make, let Jehovih, His Righteousness and the Kingdom of Light be your central focus.

18. Jehovih, the Great Father, is above and beyond creation; He is the Supreme, Divine Source over all creation.

19. Jehovih, the Great Father, can never be adequately expressed in human terms.

20. One of the first steps in experiencing the Presence of Jehovih in your life is acknowledging that He is already standing next to you.