Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Four Qualities of the Garden of Truth
1. Those who know me also know that I teach the qualities of tolerance, equality, balance and patience.

2. If you are one of Jehovih’s Faithists, a child of Light, you know the importance of practising and exhibiting these four qualities of tolerance, equality, balance and patience. In these four qualities is found two of the most important qualities of all, which are love and peace.

3. You can not love the Father of Greatness if you do not have love for your fellow man.

4. You do not know the Teachings of Light if these four qualities are not found within you.

5. The opposite of these four qualities can lead one to become guilty of bigotry, hatred, and cause one to have mental illness and pride.

6. All that which is in opposition to tolerance, equality, balance and patience only serve as obstacles upon the path to perfection in the Light.

7. Always be attentive to removing the weeds and thistle – the obstacles – that can grow within you if you are not careful in your practice of these qualities.

8. Develop these qualities by cultivating the garden of truth within your heart and within your mind, and your hands will always be at work in the truth.

9. Water these qualities on a regular basis as you would water a garden so that it produces good and hardy fruits, vegetables and flowers.

10. To cultivate each of these qualities, which lead to the perfection of the spirit, all of Jehovih’s Faithists should make it their daily duty to always be at prayer, practise meditation, pay attention to what has been taught to you, treat all living beings as you would want to be treated, the practice of the Twelve Virtues, and regarding the Oahspe Bible: read it, study it and apply its wisdom in your life.

11. Cultivate these good qualities, O Faithists who reside upon the earth, and you will find perfection, happiness both in the present and in the future.

12. By continually cultivating these qualities your eyes will see increased Light and your walk upon the earth will be a reflection of that same Light – always serving as an example of one who has been worthy of being called into the Religion of Light, therefore bringing glory and honour to the Father of Greatness.