Chapter 30

Chapter 30

False Religion
1. Any sect that panders to the unhealthy desires of humanity does not represent the Religion of Light revealed by Jehovih the Father.

2. Sects that seek to gratify unhealthy desires are only serving the world of darkness and chaos – and will eventually slip into annihilation.

3. False religions and their houses are full of all types of demons and other evil angels. Stay far away from them, my children.

4. Those religions who have taken to worshipping the Messenger instead of following the Message are in the same situation.

5. It is like some who are at a pool; they are on the diving end which is too deep for them, causing them to drown in their false assumptions, especially concerning idolatry.

6. If they are listening then they will know that the Divine Source is the One, All Supreme Cause which is to be worshipped; however, they only listen to the desires of their heart, and their mouth will always speak what their heart is desiring.