Chapter 3

Chapter 3

1. Do not permit despair to lessen your faith; let your faith make you stronger.

2. Worship the One Creator, praised be His Name, and trust in my promise to save you from the turbulent waves of the deep ocean that is the world.

3. Jehovih will give you strength in times of difficulty, fortitude in times of persecution and hope in the face of death.

4. Always be determined to serve Jehovih with all your strength.

5. Never give up hope, even in the face of opposition.

6. The Light of the Father shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him.

7. One can better cope with the challenges of life and the chaos of the world by faithfully walking in the Light of the Great Father – for His Word, which is the Word of Truth which I have brought unto you, is like a lighthouse brightly shining upon the deep ocean signalling you to your true home.

8. Humanity is always tested with physical, emotional and mental adversity.

9. It is part of the human drama and the process of spiritual development.

10. No two people have the exact same issues to deal with in exactly the same measure.

11. These adversities are only with the spirit and soul while we are in the shell; the soul is free of these limitations when it becomes liberated from the shackles of the mortal coil.

12. As long as you only see yourself as the body or the brain, then you enslave yourself to a false identity.

13. Do not mistake the shell for the contents of that shell.