Chapter 29

Chapter 29

False Teachers
1. Questionable are those who claim the title of spiritual leader and misguide devotees with false knowledge leading to an eternity of darkness.

2. A self-proclaimed spiritual master who speaks of him or herself as being a god spreads the poison of money, greed and falsehood.

3. Selling books, seminars and photographs is more important to a false teacher than bringing relief to suffering humanity.

4. Sometimes the most simple of truths can be right in front of someone, yet they do not see it because their eyes are blinded from vain philosophies and untruths that they are not willing to abandon.

5. Teachers who are attached to denying the existence of the Creator only cause delusion for themselves and to their disciples.

6. Teachings of self-proclaimed spiritual masters who deny the existence of the Creator are questionable at best. These are usually money-hungry men.

7. False teachers come and go like rotting food. Do not be attracted to the vibrant colours of mould that false teachers produce. It is deadly.

8. He who accepts any book or other writing from a human pen, believing it alone to be an inspired work of God, sets himself up for great disappointment; for what man is there among your kind who is able to write of the depth and mysteries of the Great Spirit who is in the heavens above the heavens?

9. For truly I tell you, there is no such person among all of mankind, and he who claims such a grandiose office shall fail in all things, for his work is not of the Perfect One.

10. Remember this: There is no perfection in unrighteousness and there is no darkness in the light.

11. Truly I tell you, a man is not above the Father of Greatness. Only the Great Fountain of Truth can dispense perfect wisdom and knowledge for the highest benefit of all creation.

12. Waver not in your faith. Keep this word as a remembrance within your heart.

13. Enthusiasm accompanied by words of a lie does not make those words true – no matter how zealous you are for the lie. It is still a lie.

14. There is always hope for the wandering sheep. It is the wandering wolves that can not stand to walk in the Light.

15. An immature mind full of illusions and false assumptions can never lead you to a better future.