Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Divine Messengers
1. In every age Wisdom and Pure Teaching have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of Jehovih.

2. In the divine arrangement, the Living Spirit manifests in various ages as Messengers of Light for the benefit of all humanity.

3. Some of the Divine Messengers have included Enoch, Gautama, Zarathustra, Joshu, Mani, and others.

4. Some individuals from among humanity have served as vessels for the actual indwelling of the spirit of the Divine Messenger, but such individuals were still servants of the Living Spirit and not the Divine Messenger, but rather a vessel offering their physical body for the presence of the Messenger.

5. Numerous times throughout history, the earthly Teachers have offered their own physical bodies as vessels for the presence of the invisible Divine Messenger to come unto you and teach you the Way of the Truth.