Chapter 17

Chapter 17

1. People who laugh at the injuries of others only bring injury to themselves with their immaturity.

2. Do not permit yourself to fall into despair because of the cruel words of others toward you, whether that person claims to practise the Religion of Light or if that person is in the world.

3. I will not tolerate the admission of a cruel person in the gates of the blessed Religion of Light.

4. I have no tolerance for any man or woman who speaks harshly, misjudges or treats with cruelty those who are of different nationalities or races, genders or sexual orientations than themselves.

5. Real Faithism, as taught in the Oahspe, is open to all those who seek true Peace and Light and who have compassion for all souls and who do not have a cruel spirit within them – it is open for all those who are willing to learn the Way of Peace that is taught by the Divine Messengers.