Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Covenant for All Mankind
1. Liberation* of the soul is not dependent on membership in any religious group or church.
*(deliverance, salvation)

2. Liberation is achieved through the worship of the Creator Jehovih, acceptance of His Divine Messenger, and cultivation of the Twelve Virtues and Holy Commandments.

3. Worship Jehovih the Almighty who is outside of time and creation; abandon idolatry.

4. Accept the Divine Messenger sent by the Creator and the pure teaching.

5. Cultivate the Twelve Virtues:

6. The first virtue is to learn to find Jehovih in all things and to love and glorify Him.

7. The second virtue is Cleanliness; all people, old and young, shall bathe once a day.

8. The third virtue is to eat no fish nor flesh, nor other unclean things.

9. The fourth virtue is Industry. Because the Father gave man neither feathers nor hair nor wool; let it be a testimony of His commandment that man shall clothe himself. To clothe one’s self, and to provide one’s self with food; these are the enforced industry upon all people. In addition to these, to labour for the helpless; to bathe them and feed them, and house them and clothe them; these are the volunteer industries permitted by the Father that you may prove your soul’s worthiness before Him. Without industry, no people can be virtuous.

10. The fifth virtue is of the same kind, which is Labour. There shall be no rich amongst you, but all shall labour. As you develop your corporeal bodies unto strength by reasonable labour, so does the act of labour develop the spirit of man to profitable growth for its habitation in heaven. For I declare unto you a great truth, which is, that the idle and the rich, who do not labour with the corporeal body, are born into heaven helpless as infants.

11. The sixth virtue, which is greater than all the rest, is Abnegation of one’s self. Without Abnegation no human shall have peace of soul, either on earth or in heaven. Consider what you do, not that it shall profit yourself, but whether it will benefit others, even as if you were not one of them. Without the sixth virtue, no family can dwell together in peace.

12.The seventh virtue is Love. Consider when you speak whether your words will promote love; if not, then do not speak.

13. The eighth virtue is Discretion, especially in words. Consider well, and then speak. If everyone would do this, you would be surprised at the wisdom of your neighbours. Discretion is a regulator; without it, man is like a tangled thread.

14. The ninth virtue is System and Order. A weak human, with System and Order, does more than a strong man without them.

15. The tenth virtue is Observance. With Observance, a human accepts from the ancients such things as having been proven to be good, such as rites and ceremonies. Without Observance, a man begins back even with the earliest of the ancients and thus casts aside his profit in the world.

16. The eleventh virtue is Discipline, the Discipline for the individual and the family. He who does not have Discipline is like a race-horse without a rider. A time to rise; a time to eat; a time to pray; a time to dance; a time to labour; these are good in any human; but the family that practices them in unison with one another has Discipline.

17. The twelfth virtue is like unto it and is Obedience. All good and great men are obedient. He that boasts his disobedience to discipline is a fool and a madman. Greater and better is the weak man of obedience, than the strong man of defiance. For the one promotes the harmony of the family, but the other ruptures it.

18. Consider these twelve virtues; they are sufficient laws unto the whole world. A man may multiply books and laws forever, but they will not make the family, nor colony, nor state, happy, without the adoption of these Twelve Virtues. {cf Book of the Arc of Bon 11:7-20}

19. The cultivation of these Twelve Virtues will draw you closer to Jehovih.

20. In addition to these, Jehovih’s Faithists, through the Commandments, observe the weekly Alms-giving, for it is a means by which you can receive intercession for your shortcomings.

21. Observe the seventh day Sabbath given by the Great Father, from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

22. Observe the Ten Holy Commandments given in the Religion of Light and as taught by Joshu.

23. Worship Jehovih the Creator and call upon His Name and the name of His divine messengers.

24. The truth of the Message of Light is not too difficult to accept. Regardless of one’s race, nationality, gender or social status, you are accepted as one of the children of Light if you are observing these simple truths, whether you call yourself Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, or Christian.

25. Liberation is not found in any earthly or worldly religious organisation but can be found in the practice of Faithism.

26. Abandon all forms of idolatry, harmful desires, extreme materialism and accept the message of Light as it is, without attachment to preconceived ideas and assumptions.

27. When you genuinely accept and honestly live by these truths, I will accept you. For this is my covenant with you.

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