Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The Body
1. A body is only a shell for a particular phase of life. Once this is realised, you then know that the body is less important than the soul.

2. The body is only going to one place – the grave, but the soul has choices and the results are eternal.

3. While the forces of darkness have moulded the body in which your soul inhabits, it was by the grace of the Father of Light that you are able to speak and move about.

4. While the body is not as important as the soul, it is the body that causes you to commit error and to cause grief to the Cross of Light and causes pain to your soul.

5. Do not worry about what clothes you are going to put upon your body or what type of sandals you are going to lace upon your feet. Instead, be concerned about the perfection of your soul.

6. The Celestial Beings are very well aware of your needs and will make provisions for you in many different ways – especially to those who remain faithful in the divine work and do not permit doubt to penetrate their hearts.