Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Father of Greatness
1. Glory and victory to the Great Father, the Almighty, the Truth. It is the Great Father that is to be worshipped by the Children of Light.

2. Lift up your voice in song to the Father of Greatness, for He is the True Source of Light and Truth, the Great Comforter who gives rest in His wings.

3. May all those who call upon the Name of Jehovih in truth be blessed.

4. Jehovih, the One Supreme Creator, is above creation– outside of time and space, and resides above the heavens.

5. The Great Father does not always involve Himself in the affairs of creation; instead, the Almighty One has appointed celestial servants unto Himself who assist humanity in various functions.

6. No human being has ever seen the Great Father, but He makes Himself known through His Living Son who serves as a mirror of the Father.

7. Humanity, in its fallen state, while in a shell* is unable to see the Great Father without experiencing death.
* (the body)

8. Serve the Great Father wholeheartedly – not by command alone, but out of the desire of your very own heart.

9. The Great Father will forsake none who walk in the Truth.

10. All the various Messengers of Light take the prayers and petitions of the Children of Light to the Highest Throne above the heavens and present such prayers and petitions to the Great Father.