Lectionary Readings for Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Weekday Sabbath and Seventh-Day Sabbath, Bon’s Book of Praise, ROE, ROTH


1. Jehovih, first and last: Forever, Jehovih, O my beloved!

2. Write Him in stone and iron, copper, silver and gold.

3. Whose Person is the All and Whole: Creator of the boundless universe!

4. Teach ye Him to the child; magnify the soul of man to see Jehovih!

5. Welcome, pains and afflictions: Behind all riseth a greater glory.

6. He knoweth my wanderings; for the feet of the faithful Jehovih provideth a place.

7. He understandeth beforehand; the Creator cometh upon me in a way I saw not.

8. None shall stand before the Almighty in the songs and praise of the righteous.


1. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of heaven: In the countless places of the journeys of the
world: Send forth a song to the Everlasting!

2. Praise Jehovih, O Uklo and Gibrath! In the plains and High Arches of Etisia, in the
etherean worlds: Sing loud and clear the song of Omaza.

3. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Wanwan: In the circuit of Hissa and the plains of Oat:
Render unto the Creator, O Waukawauk!

4. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Howt: In the etherean heavens of Noe and Kaba-Se-o-nita:
Sing praises, and shout unto the Almighty!

5. Praise Jehovih, ye etherean hosts of Rax: In the heavenly Caverns of Wass and
Bliathon: Sing in Hise and Nor to the Creator’s praise.

6. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Mor: In the Seam of Wia-wis, in the labor of Pan: Sing a
song of praise to the All One, Jehovih!

7. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Noe: In the arc of the journey of an uplifted world: Render
Him praise for the labors of Aph, His Orian Son.

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