Lectionary Readings for Monday, September 7th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Monday, September 7th, 2020

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 56

1. In the name of the Almighty, my brothers, look at the glory ye boast of!

2. Ye say: Behold, we have scattered Jehovih’s Faithists into all the places of the earth;
they are without a kingdom; they have not left one community to themselves on the
whole earth!

3. Think ye, Jehovih hath appropriated them?

4. Behold, it is true, ye have despoiled them, and scattered them abroad.

5. Ye have hunted them down in Chine’ya, Vind’yu, Arabin’ya, Parsi’e, Heleste and Uropa.

6. Ye have denied them the right to own lands, the right to follow their choice of

7. Ye have denied them justice, and even a hearing, in courts of trial.

8. And your accusation against them was: They worship not Gods born of woman.

9. But behold the wisdom of Jehovih; because ye thus dispossessed His people, and they
were scattered abroad, they have sown the doctrine of the All One over all the earth and
in the heavens thereof.

10. They have been as a leaven, to work in the foundations of mighty kingdoms and

11. They have given learning unto all peoples, to show the magnificence of Jehovih’s

12. Behold, inhabitants of the earth now look upward, and ask: May there not be other
worlds? How long hath been the earth standing? Could the Creator of thousands of
millions of worlds, which have stood for thousands of millions of years, be so young as
any one of these pretended Gods? And descend to earth, and do a work so imperfectly
that only one small kingdom heard of him?

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